• Full 1 hour Sessions with a Licensed Physical Therapist Expedite Your Progress

Each treatment appointment is a one-on-one, full 1 hour session with a licensed therapist. During this time your therapist will work on correcting your dysfunction by addressing root issues. Because you are the therapist's only patient during this time, you will receive their full attention and energy. This means significantly greater improvement in fewer sessions than in the traditional therapy approach.

  • Continuity of Treatment Saves Time

You will be scheduled for treatment with the same therapist each session, thus eliminating the need to constantly repeat your history, saving valuable treatment time. It also ensures your therapist stays abreast of your progress and treatment course.

  • Private Treatment Rooms Ensure Your Privacy

Protecting our client's privacy and modesty is important; that's why we have private treatment rooms. We have created a peaceful, spa-like environment because we know that comfortable surroundings promote well-being.

  • We're Constantly Increasing Our Knowledge So You Receive Cutting-Edge Therapy

All of our therapists pursue continued education opportunities to expand their skills. We keep up-to-date on the latest treatment techniques to make certain you receive the most advanced care available.