Innovative Therapy & Wellness provides physical therapy, massage therapy, personal training and wellness classes individualized for clients of all ages and abilities. Our services are provided by a team of experts who are committed to innovative, exceptional, and integrated care.

Our History
Innovative Therapy & Wellness opened in 2001 by Dr. Tracy Hernandez in a quest to improve institutional physical therapy practices. 

Frustrated with physical therapists having to juggle several patients an hour when working in traditional therapy clinics and the lack of successful outcomes, Dr. Hernandez developed her own innovative treatment strategy. This approach centered on one-on-one, full hour treatment sessions performed by a licensed physical therapist.

Dr. Hernandez’s goal was to create an environment allowing physical therapists to identify the source of the pain instead of just treating the symptoms.  To this end, Innovative Therapy & Wellness only employs physical therapists with advanced clinical knowledge and skills.  The results speak for themselves!  Innovative Therapy & Wellness has established a reputation for successful outcomes with complex cases.  Because of its’ successes, Innovative Therapy & Wellness’ business has grown largely by patient referral.

In 2011, due to patient demand, Innovative Therapy & Wellness underwent a major growth spurt doubling both its staff and facility. The physical therapy team now includes five full-time physical therapists, each of whom was selected based on commitment to advanced training and certification, dedication to their profession, and of course their determination to provide the highest quality of patient care.  The wellness team includes three massage therapists, a personal trainer and various instructors for classes including Pilates and Barre. To encompass the new staff and growing wellness program, the clinic has also expanded from 3,200 sq. feet to 6,400 sq. feet.

Today, Innovative Therapy & Wellness includes a highly trained team of wellness experts with the aim of teaching patients a lifestyle of healthy, pain-free movement.

Our services include:

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